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Pinetop Fitness

Evolution Nutrition has allowed me to streamline my meal planning. They have a very large database of products that allow for easy planning, the macros are easy to read for each meal and totaled at the end of the day.   I have entered close to 100 of my own recipes; which personalizes it and makes it easy to enter the into each meal plan.  I have also created over 100 custom meal plans, so at this point I can search for an existing meal plan that meets a current clients needs and make small adjustments to tailor It to their needs. What once took me two hours now takes less than 30 minutes and is delivered in a professional form. 

My clients love the format of Evolution Nutrition and find it very easy to use, and the staff at Evolution Nutrition answers all of my questions quickly and are always willing to help.

How did you let your clients know that you were doing professional meal planning now?
I started with the meal planning by mostly talking to our clients, plus word of mouth helped spread my services.  Another large influx of clients came when I had a few of my competitors do very well at NPC shows. Their posts on social media helped spread awareness and brought in a lot of new clients.  Referrals are what are growing my business the fastest.*
How do you price it?
Through trial and error I have landed on a price of 4 meal plans for $100. I have based this on the time it takes me to do each meal plan (I make each personal meal plans based on their needs, likes, body style, goals, etc.) as well as the price people were willing to pay.  I also do not offer single meal plans. It is my feeling that all clients need to commit for an extended period of time to allow me to read their body's response to the diet and to allow their body the time needed to change.*
What results are you seeing for your business?
I am finding my clients refer many of their friends; I have a trainer in the area that dislikes doing meal plans and has sent over 8 new clients for me to work withWhen I have a client compete or post pictures online, I usually have at least 1 to 5 new clients contact me that week.  Most of my clients are non-competitors who just want be healthier and improve their body composition. Seeing the body changes online encourages them to contact me.*
And here's what my clients have to say!

"I couldn't of done it with out Jill Navarro. She has shown me and taught me the importance of nutrition and after helping me through 3 shows this year, I placed better each time and she helped me improve my body. I went from 157 down to 140/135 show day and lost about 10% body fat.  Diet is 80% of it!  Even though I trained myself I wouldn't of achieved my goals without her inspiration, encouragement and knowledge of nutrition."*

"I had been physically active in a gym for a year and a half before I came to Jill and I knew that my diet was the missing piece. It was amazing to see that eating 6 times a day would help me lose the weight. I have never looked this great or felt so confident in my life. I wouldn't change a thing."*

Jill owns and operates

*Any one member's success does not guarantee results. Your results may be different.