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Running a Group Fat Loss Challenge to Attract New Clients

One day I was sitting and pondering of new ways to motivate my clients. Many group fitness studios and personal trainers run “Biggest Loser” weight loss challenges in order to motivate their clients to stick with their training and nutrition plan. I wanted to do the same, only I wanted mine to be different, and wanted to attract more people than just my current clientele. Thinking about how my challenge could be different than any other challenge out there, I came up with an idea that could be a win/win for both my business and my clients. Why not offer an online fat blast challenge that not only includes a 4-week “fat blasting” meal plan, but also access to my online training app for the month? I would charge a small fee to enter the challenge for the 4 weeks, as this would intrigue more people to sign up, due to less financial commitment. I figured it wouldn’t take a lot of my time to set up a few training programs in my Trainerize website, and then use the amazing “Copy” feature in Trainerize to add them to each of my “Fat Blasters” accounts.

Looking at this from a business woman’s perspective, I thought this could get people used to using my online training programs for the month, and hopefully once the month was over, they would love it so much, that they would want to sign up as paying customers.

How did it work out?

Due to the fact that I am a horrible procrastinator (I’m working on this!), I only left myself 6 days to market the challenge; however, within those 6 days I was able to get 50 people signed up! I only charged $30 per person, and thanks to social media and email marketing, my plan was put into play nicely. I had many local challengers, but also because this was all through online training, I had many people from all over the world sign up, too!

The Results

  1. Out of the 50 Fat Blasters who did my challenge, 45 were successful in losing inches and feeling great (5 went MIA and fell off the wagon, but that’s bound to happen). That is now 45 people who have told at least one friend or family member about “this cool online training app I am using where I can get all my workouts on my smartphone!” (or something to that tune).
  2. In the third week of the challenge, I sent out an email with an exclusive offer for Fat Blast Challengers only. If they want to continue using the only training app after completion of the 4 week challenge they can sign up now at a discounted rate. I said I was only going to offer this rate to the first 20 people to sign up, and listed all the services they would get with this monthly fee. As of right now, I have gained 12 new paying clients!
  3. Last but not least, I now have a whole bunch of before and after pictures and testimonials to help advertise the next challenge I am going to run! This one is going to cost more and will, in turn, be more profitable for my business.

I hope this article was helpful for you, if you are struggling to keep clients motivated, and are looking to gain new clients for online training.

By Michelle Roots, Resident Fitness Expert for Trainerize