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Success Story: Jonathan, Founder EvolutionU Fitness

How did you let your clients know that you were doing professional meal planning now?

I let my clients know that I added meal planning to my personal training services through e-mail, including a link to Evolution Nutrition to get more information.  Up to that point, I was handcuffed to only giving general nutrition advice, as trying to create specific, tailor-fit programs was not only not my specialty, but also time-consuming.*


How do you price it?

I price the meal planning at $60 per month as an a la carte option.  It is included at no additional cost as part of my personal training packages, which range anywhere from $600 to $1200 a month.  I did this so that potential clients who were on the fence about training could have a starting-off point (naturally, nutrition) at a low cost and be so excited about their results from that, that they’d want to take the next step and add exercise to their routine.*

What results are you seeing for your business?

Since I introduced meal planning to my business, I have sold ten more meal planning-only clients, of which I’ve converted three to personal training clients.  Knock on wood, but I’ve had a 90% retention rate since adding professional meal planning to my business.*

And here's what my clients have to say!

I was pleasantly surprised to see how neatly everything was laid out.  It shows the portion size of each meal and, better yet, how to determine them.  It took all of the guesswork out of the program.  It counts your calories for you as well.  The best part is that you can swap meals and the program will recalculate the portion size and calories for you.  Don’t like blueberries?  Substitute for strawberries!  Not only has the plan kept me full, but I am eating better and, along with training from EvolutionU Fitness, I have watched the weight melt off.” – Scott (lost 27 lbs. in two months)*
Jonathan is the Co-Founder of EvolutionU Fitness
*Any one member's success does not guarantee results. Your results may be different.