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5 Creative Ways to Grow your Online Fitness Business

Give your training an extra boost and invest in these 5 creative growth tips, straight from our training experts. 1. Ask for testimonials from current online or in-person clients Use your current clients, either the online, or the in-person ones to promote your business. Most clients are happy to write a little testimonial if you have helped them meet a weight loss or fitness goal. You could create a personalized social media message for them to send out, share before and after pictures or positive testimonials. It’s very likely these will catch the attention of other people and this could...

Running a Group Fat Loss Challenge to Attract New Clients

One day I was sitting and pondering of new ways to motivate my clients. Many group fitness studios and personal trainers run “Biggest Loser” weight loss challenges in order to motivate their clients to stick with their training and nutrition plan. I wanted to do the same, only I wanted mine to be different, and wanted to attract more people than just my current clientele. Thinking about how my challenge could be different than any other challenge out there, I came up with an idea that could be a win/win for both my business and my clients. Why not offer an online fat blast challenge that not...

5 Ways to Promote and Sell Online Training With Pictures and Videos

People won’t understand how easy it is until you show them! Here’s how you can promote and sell more online training with pictures and videos. These days, it seems that almost everyone is on board with technology. I figured this out when even my parents started following me on Instagram and sending me Tweets instead of calling me! In a “tech-savvy” world you think it would be easy to sell online training, because, well, let’s face it–there are very few times throughout the day when we don’t have our smartphone at our side, right? I know I’m guilty of it. Converting the tech skeptics What...

5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Personal Training Services

From our experience here at Trainerize, we know that personal training is most effective when combined with the engagement and tracking that come from using a fitness app, such as Trainerize . There are a few reasons why–like transparency between the trainer and client, and the accountability that is put on both the trainer and client to stay committed, and on track. Since we want you get the most value possible from your Trainerize trainer, we’ve provided a few tips below to get the most out of your personal trainer services. 1. Stay more accountable with a personal trainer Training with a...

Success Story: Jonathan, Founder EvolutionU Fitness

How did you let your clients know that you were doing professional meal planning now?

I let my clients know that I added meal planning to my personal training services through e-mail, including a link to Evolution Nutrition to get more information. Up to that point, I was handcuffed to only giving general nutrition advice, as trying to create specific, tailor-fit programs was not only not my specialty, but also time-consuming.*

How do you price it?

I price the meal planning at $60 per month as an a la carte option. It is included at no additional cost as part of...

Success Story: Kelsey, Founder HiitBurn

How did you let your clients know that you were doing professional meal planning now?

We sell fitness products online, and use Facebook advertising to reach new clients. We also sell fitness programs and nutrition plans through email marketing and other social media channels, like Instagram.*

How do you price it?

We are testing different ways to use Evolution Nutrition, but have used it to build custom plans for clients, selling those between $79-99.*

What results are you seeing for your business?

Evolution Nutrition has been an...

Success Story: Josh, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

How did you let your clients know that you were doing professional meal planning now?

Five years ago I recognized a gap in my clients nutrition. With time, I started instructing members as well as trainers to reach a larger audience. Now I'm working as a Nutrition manager and am in the process of integrating a nutrition program into all of our health clubs. One thing I learned over the years is nutrition requires consistent accountability and clients need to be sat down in a private setting away from the gym floor on regular basis to ensure success.*

How do you price it?...

New Client Portal

You asked for it, so we built it. Now EVERY subscription comes with Evolution Nutrition's new Client Portal . Now you can provide your clients with their own nutrition account. There they can create their own personal profiles, update their data, track their progress any time, and access any plan you've created for them directly from their personal dashboard. Take the hassle out of trying to find the time to get all of your client's information loaded into their unique profiles. And ensure that data stays current as they log any changes in their weight, physical characteristics, or any body...

Success Story: Ashley, Be Fit

How did you let your clients know that you were doing professional meal planning now? We include meal planning into all of our programs and also offer it as a separate option for people who just want a meal plan but not any training. We also promote it through our marketing channels in house and externally. * How do you build it into your current training programs? It's not even a choice, it's simply a part of the process. To achieve your goals, you simply have to address nutrition.* How do you price it? We build the pricing into our current programs or offer a separate nutrition only program...

Success Story: Camlin, The Functional Bodyshop

How did you let your clients know that you were doing professional meal planning now? When we first starting using Evolution Nutrition we put up signs and sent out emails to let clients know that we had meal plans... but we didn't sell very many. Now after using the meal plan myself I have learned to make it a part of all training for weight loss clients and it's included in the price. * How do you price it? For existing members we allowed them to add it to their existing membership for an additional $10 per month. For all new members the meal planning service is included automatically. *...