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Getting "Smart" About New Years Resolutions

The following article is re-posting from Sanford Sports Nutrition Blog, written by guest blogger Chelsea Rambo, USD Dietetic Intern The New Year is just 7 days old and already resolutions are being broken. So what can you do to help keep your resolutions on track? Don’t make a resolution, make a SMART goal. SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic/relevant and time-bound. Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions...

Protein 101

What is it? Proteins are complex molecules that make up tissues of the body such as muscle mass, bones, blood and hormones. Proteins are constantly being broken down, repaired, replaced or maintained. This is most easily seen in improved muscle tone and muscular development with exercise. These proteins in are body are composed of amino acids – the nitrogen-containing building blocks that form proteins. There are 2 classes

Inflammation and Performance: Part 1

This article is part one of a two part blog series from USA Triathlon on inflammation and how your diet can make a difference. While there are a long list of health implications related to inflammation, this article is directed towards exercise performance. When the body is in a high inflammatory state, aerobic capacity is reduced which can affect physical performance. The basic concept of this detriment to performance is the lining of the artery, often referred to as the endothelial lining. When this lining becomes inflamed,.......

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Heart Health

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is found in the mitochondria of all cells and is particularly enriched in tissues of the heart, liver, kidney, and pancreas. CoQ10 functions as part of the cellular system that generates energy from oxygen (in the form of ATP) for bodily processes and can act as an antioxidant to help prevent cellular damage from free radicals created during exercise and during the generation of energy. Dietary supplements containing CoQ10 (Often suspended in soybean oil or some other oil base for better absorption) are generally marketed with claims of increasing energy and endurance levels, supporting heart health strength 1 . Because CoQ10 plays a role in the respiratory chain....

Carbohydrates: Fueling for Performance

Fueling Prior to Training or Competition Eating prior to training or games serves the primary purpose of maximizing energy stores for activity, with glycogen being of main concern. This should be of a concern not only in the hours before training, but also in the several days prior. Studies of glycogen synthesis have shown that stores can be normalized by 24 hours of rest and adequate consumption of carbohydrates. Intakes between 7 and 10g/kg bodyweight per day of carbohydrates are sufficient to maximize glycogen saturation. This would correlate to a 100-kg (220 lb) football player consuming 700 to 1000g of carbohydrates in the 24 hours prior to competition. The needs of the athlete....

Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load Overview and Application in Sports Nutrition

Foods and food supplements do not all have the same effect on insulin and rates of blood glucose appearance in the body. The Glycemic Index The Glycemic Index (GI) is a system for ranking carbohydrates according to their effects on postprandial glucose concentration 1 . It provides useful information and a means to measure the individual blood glucose response achieved by consuming various foods.

Special Concerns for Vegetarian Athletes

Eating a well-balanced diet containing adequate amounts of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals is critical for optimal health and peak performance. Several athletes are challenged to obtain these key nutrients due to incorporation of a vegetarian lifestyle, which restricts the intake of all (vegan) or a selected variety of animal-based foods. Athletes who merely restrict intake of animal foods as means to control weight or those who simply lack the knowledge are at high risk for unfavorable changes in metabolic efficiency, altered hormonal status, diminished

5 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

Step #1: Identify Your Target Market and Listen to Them The first step to measuring success in social media marketing is proper scope. Find out where your most active customers & influencers spend time online - then listen and take notes. Step #2: Get Involved in Conversations The second step towards success

High-Tech Counseling: An Untapped Market for Today's Dietitian?

Imagine turning on your computer, pulling up a list of your clients, and clicking on any of their files to check progress, send a motivational message, or tweak a diet plan. Imagine your clients logging onto a program that allows them to record, view, and save their health records and monitor their progress over time. Imagine being in touch with your clients as they need you but wasting no time tracking them down, scheduling appointments, or having them wait. This is the direction healthcare is heading. As such, it is our responsibility

Environmental Factors for Nutrition and Sports Nutrition

Many factors affect the amount of energy and the ratio of carbohydrates to fats used when training. Being aware of how the environment may effect metabolic changes in hot and cold weather can better help athletes train in these conditions more efficiently. The human body will do what it needs to keep its internal temperature at normal ranges and these actions may need to be looked at more closely to make sure the proper amount of nutritional requirements are met. The purpose of this article is to address any necessary approaches needed to help increase performance