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3 Biggest Benefits of using Evolution Nutrition & Trainerize

Over the past two years, I've really started to focus on building my online training business. Before I found out about Trainerize and Evolution Nutrition, I would have to build and email all my workouts and meal plans to each individual client separately. Each meal plan consisted of just 2 days of meals, some information about macronutrients, and food exchange list. And any nutrition adjustments I wanted to make took at least day and then I had to email them again. The amount of time I had to dedicate to each client really limited my ability to grow my business. Then, one day, I happened to...

How to Grow a Larger Client List & Enter Our Giveaway

You have a great workout routine; your nutrition program is dialed into your Evolution Nutrition account; and you have built a social media presence that’s ready for growing fandom. Time to turn your handful of clients into a vocal fitness crew. That is because in order to grow, your personal training business could use compelling case studies to show the power and effects of your fitness program. A case study gives prospective clients living proof that you’re not all talk when it comes to the results your program can provide them. To build a solid case study you need to start your...

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Workout Nutrition
The meals you have before and after exercising are the most important meals of your day. First things first--focus on getting rid of nutrient deficiencies, making sure your portions are the proper size, and eating correctly for your body type and amount of physical activity. Carbohydrates are the most important foods to eat surrounding your exercise (before, during, and after) to maximize the maintenance of your blood glucose levels with moderate protein for support. Before you workout, you want to eat something that will help to sustain you throughout your exercise, providing you with ample...

Supporting Your Clientele

Personal Trainer - Client
One of the most important parts of being a personal trainer is making your clients feel comfortable with you, so you can establish trust. Your clients need to trust you with their fitness goals, and they need to feel comfortable telling you when they are struggling or have a slip up in their fitness and diet regimen. They also need to trust that you know what you’re doing and feel that they’re getting the most out of their money. Start by answering all of their questions and explaining to them, in a simple, easy to understand language, the science of their training--the benefits of different...

Conscious Calorie Consumption

Conscious Calorie Consumption
Clients more often than not think that they eat a lot less than they do, and they think the exercise they do burns a lot more calories than it does. As personal trainers/nutritionists, it’s our job to put this into perspective for them. Exercise can only do so much if a person continues to have a poor diet. Make your clients keep a food log for more than a day. To get a good idea of what a client is eating, they should log what they eat for 2-3 days, if not for an entire week. If they use pictures, it’s even better. While your clients don’t necessarily need to count their calories, they...

The “Secret” Antioxidant?

Glutathione in a nutrition program
We now have evidence to suggest that a certain class of antioxidant can not only reduce your chances of developing cancer and chronic disease, but it can also improve the way your body ages, can reduce any kind of inflammatory response, and reduce the effect of soreness commonly associated with ANY type of physical and endurance-based exercise. What, you may ask, is the name of this antioxidant? Glutathione.

How to Make a Better Burger

Better Burgers with Mushroom Blend Recipe
Some days it’s just gotta be a big meaty burger! Sure the occasional burger isn’t going to do in your meal plan, but that doesn’t mean you always want all those extra calories and fat. With the latest trend of blending, you can get the flavor and meaty texture in a healthier burger. That’s right, mushrooms and their ability to blend effortlessly into ground turkey, chicken, pork and beef just became your best friend. This basic mushroom meat blend recipe is a great place to start with ground meat, mushrooms, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Once you have the patty cooked up, whip up the...

Cholesterol, Sugar, Sodium, Meat - New Dietary Recommendations

2015 Dietary Recommendations
Some big changes are coming to the dietary guidelines. Find out what your clients' nutrition programs may be including more of and less of after final guidelines are released later this year.

What is an Effective Nutrition Plan?

What is an effective nutrition plan not just a diet
A good nutrition plan is not the same as just another diet. Help clients understand the 5 keys to an effective nutrition plan.

Cortisol and Stress

Cortisol and Stress
While stress can be ultimately diverse in its origination, it always, regardless of it’s nature, results in a cascade of events, both physiological and medical, that have consequences on the body, which remain long after the resultant stress is gone.