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Building Your Brand From Logo to Customized Meal Plan

Building Your Brand as a Personal Trainer from Logo to Customized Meal Plan
Growing a business as a personal trainer and fitness professional is about more than just training sessions and meal plans. Build your brand and grow your business with these tips and the right tools to support your goals and services.

Start with This Online Course to Offer Fitness Meal Plans

Evolution Nutrition Level 1 Coach Certificate Course | nutrition planning
If adding dietary management and fitness meal plans to your list of services is your goal for the New Year, start with this online course to learn more about the nutrition management services clients expect.

Get Started Now for a BIG New Year

Get Started Now for a BIG New Year
Make the most of your December to build business for the New Year. Get started with these tips to get in front of your future clients now.

Are Paleo Eating Plans a Good Diet Choice?

Can the Paleo Diet and Paleo eating plans be a good choice for health and fitness?
Can the Paleo Diet and Paleo eating plans be an effective and safe choice or is this diet another fad? Learn the pros and cons of this meal plan from a dietitian's point of view.

Which One is Right for Me?

Which Nutrition Program is Right for Me
You’re hearing more and more about the value of adding a nutrition program to your offered services, now it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you and your business. Watch now to see which of the Evolution Nutrition meal planning software editions is best for your business.

How I Grew My Business by Finally Providing Nutrition Solutions

How I Grew My Business with Nutrition Program Solutions
As a personal trainer in today’s market, providing a nutrition program means delivering the whole solution clients need and expect. Making the transition to adding a nutrition program can mean the difference between standing out and getting left behind.

Why Choose a Mediterranean Diet?

Healthy Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss, Health and Fitness
The Mediterranean Diet is a popular topic in headlines and popular pick in online nutrition programs and has been shown in a variety of studies to offer health benefits such as weight loss, heart health and long term brain health. Learn more about this popular diet and lifestyle and how it may help your clients make small, gradual health changes for long-term success.

3 Things to Know about a Low Carb Fitness Meal Plan

What Do You Know About a Low Carb Fitness Meal Plan
Some research has indicated that consuming a lower carbohydrate diet can result in greater weight and fat loss than reducing just calories and/or fat for some individuals. However, that does not mean eliminating carbohydrates completely from your diet.

4 Ways to Make Technology Personal

Fitness and Nutrition Technology for Success
Nutrition and fitness technology is exploding! Pairing these tools with the unique skills, talents, creativity and understanding of a personal trainer creates a powerful combination. When you embrace the latest nutrition and fitness technology, you set yourself up for success in these 4 ways.

Music and High Intensity Workouts

Music and High Intensity Workouts
We talk a lot about creating a meal plan that will effectively power your clients’ workouts and help them achieve the results they want, but recent research is showing that it may take more than that. Underscoring previous findings that music can have a positive effect on workouts, a recent study has found that music can significantly boost a high intensity workout – pair that with expertly creating a meal plan and your clients may be unstoppable! According to the New York Times , the most recent research “suggests that listening to music makes strenuous workouts feel easier and may nudge...