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How to Use Technology to Grow Your Fitness Business

Leveraging Technology and Creating Credibility in Your Business Webinar
As a fitness professional and business owner it's vital that you offer clients more to build a solid client base. Learn how to do that and more with technology.

Build Muscle with a Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based protein to build muscle
Many athletes think that the only way to get serious about protein to build muscle is to load up on massive quantities of meat, eggs, and whey supplements – but don’t overlook the power of plant-based foods!

Introducing Clients to a Nutrition Program for Long Term Success

Introducing Clients to a Nutrition Program
While a dietitian-created meal plan can act as a road map and take the guesswork out of what to eat, guiding clients to gradually adopt healthier habits as part of that meal plan can set them up for long-term success. Regularly stress these basic tips with your clients for an effective nutrition program.

13 Warning Signs You Might be Iron Deficient

Sources of Iron in the Diet
Despite iron being a key mineral in the formation of oxygen-binding molecules within the body, iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world. In fact, approximately 30-50% of the adult female population is believed to be iron deficient. These 13 warning signs may be a clue you or a client is iron deficient and in need of guidance from a registered dietitian.

6 Easy, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

6 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas
With the help of registered dietitians and these 6 ideas for a healthy breakfast, guide clients to make the best choices as part of a complete fitness and nutrition program.

Coming Soon: Accredited Nutrition Management Course

Are you considering adding nutrition management and meal planning to your services? If so, this upcoming course will help you learn more about the nutrition management services clients expect while you earn professional credits! Research has shown combining proper nutrition management with exercise to be more than 400% more effective at achieving sustainable weight loss than exercise alone. If you're not providing scientifically sound nutrition planning for your clients, you're simply not the complete solution they require. In this on-line course, find out how you can create lasting results...

Learn How to Invert the Sales Process in This Upcoming Webinar

Invert the sales process to grow business
Register for the latest Evolution Nutrition webinar Invert the Sales Process now! Learn how to stop competing for the dollars your clients and potential clients already spend. Compel them to invest in themselves by exposing unacknowledged problems instead of fighting for the same old nickels. Go beyond conventional consultative or solution based selling to assist customers in seeing their true fitness challenges in a new light. When you join the webinar on Thursday August 28th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, you'll discover: Why your current sales process is likely upside down What REALLY motivates...

How Adding a Nutrition Program Impacted This Trainer's Business

ACE Fitness Pro Mark Allison on Adding Nutrition to a Fitness Program
Are you considering offering a nutrition program to your fitness clients? ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Mark Allison, not only saw a 30% increase in business when he started offering a nutrition program backed by registered dietitians, but also found himself retaining more clients for long-term success. Watch this interview with Mark to hear more about the positive impact offering nutrition has had on his fitness business from improved organization and a streamlined process to a healthier bottom line.

What Foods Should I Eat After Exercise?

Dietitian-Recommended Foods to Eat After a Workout
As new clients get started with fitness and nutrition programs, they often ask questions about what foods they should eat after exercise. It’s important to guide them in making the best food choices for both an optimal workout and the best recovery. Expertly designed nutrition programs are an important part of any fitness routine. When it comes to post-workout recovery nutrition: Carbohydrate and protein are a MUST after exercise, as they serve to decrease muscle and joint tissue damage (and no, a low carb protein shake does not suffice, even if it has upwards of fifty grams of protein)...

Nutrition for Rehab and Injury Prevention

If you're hurt, I know it can really mess with your psyche. Therefore, props to you for thinking about nutrition at all. The challenging part is balancing eating enough calories, and the right kind of calories, for healing and repair while still reducing overall calories to stay in balance with a lower energy expenditure. Eating the right kind of foods can expedite the healing process in two ways: 1) reduce inflammation by including foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and 2) include enough protein to repair damaged tissues as well as maintain lean muscle mass. Omega-3 fatty acids contain a substance called EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) which is made into prostoglandins that signal the