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Fiber & Fitness

As fitness professionals, you’ve probably encouraged clients to choose more whole grains. You’ve helped them add protein for recovery and satiety. You’ve pushed fluids before, during and after workouts for hydration. But have you spent enough time touting everyday wellness? May is a crazy month for us with traveling 3 out of 4 weekends, listing our house, writing proposals, finishing school work, picking up odd jobs, and in our spare time being parents. Normally that would leave us short-changing dinners and too tired to pack a wholesome lunch, but after a recent overnight trip to the ER for my husband left us with 1 hour of sleep, I have remained strong in my commitment to include more fiber in both of our diets. While everyone may not be as passionate about fiber as I am (it’s admittedly one of my interests on Facebook), it should be something we all strive to include in our diet. Why do we need fiber? Fiber is a type of food the body cannot digest. Unlike most carbohydrates,

The Power of Choice

Choice and control in menu planning isn’t just a nice-to-have any more. The power of choice when it comes to food preferences in nutrition planning is now a must for the success of your business! At some point you may have heard or seen the phrase ‘The Power of Choice’, and if you do an online search for this you’ll easily get a wealth of information on personal choice, life fulfillment, happiness, and so on. This relates of course to the choices we have in life (literally every second of the day) in controlling our own fate. The foundation for this power, in essence, is control. It’s the control of all of our actions and decisions that will dictate our future, but when we take the same principle and apply it to your business, it is the decisions you make and the control to dictate the future success of your clients. Lets just call this ‘future success’ what it really is in your line of work….. results ! Results that were the initial driving force behind why your clients’ initially came to you, and the motivation for their commitment to work with you week after week. As a fitness or health professional you do have the largest impact on your clients’ success

3 Recipes for a Healthier Cinco de Mayo

We often think of celebrating holidays with food. Arm your clients with the information and tools they need to keep on track with their goals even when celebrating the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday. Entrées at popular restaurants like Chevy’s can run you 1000-1500 calories without even grabbing a chip (430 calories) or indulging in a margarita (280 calories). Good advice? Skip the chips, slim down your drink, and make some homemade fish tacos and you’ll avoid the long lines and the high calorie meal. These healthier, Mexican-inspired recipes for Cinco de Mayo will have you and your clients enjoying every minute of the fiesta:

BCAA's and Their Effect as an Ergogenic Aid

Insulin and BCAA have been shown to be anabolic compounds via their augmentation of translation initiation when secreted or ingested before, during, or immediately after an acute resistance exercise (RE) bout. During prolonged aerobic endurance exercise, muscle glycogen may become depleted and the muscle may increase its reliance on BCAA for fuel. BCAA supplementation has been studied for its effects on.....

Bloggers Invited to Submit Posts to Evolution Nutrition

Evolution Nutrition is looking for a few great fitness and nutrition bloggers to publish and promote. Could your fitness or nutrition blog post be one of them?

Each month, we’ll be putting out several topics and asking you to submit your best blog posts for those topics. The best posts received by April 28, 2014 will be published on the Evolution Nutrition blog and promoted across Evolution Nutrition social media channels to help the winning blogger: Increase visibility Increase site traffic Increase site back links Strengthen reputation and credibility If your interests, mission and passion align with ours , we invite you to submit a blog post for consideration this and every month! May Topics : Mediterranean diet and lifestyle including Mediterranean-style recipe with step-by-step instructions Trainer tips for a healthy Cinco de Mayo including a Mexican-inspired recipe with step-by-step instructions

Exploration of Ancient Grains: A Journey Back in Time

There has been a rise in the popularity of ancient grains in recent years, due largely to increased incidences of food sensitivities and the population’s desire to become healthier. In addition to offering a higher amount of nutrients and protein than other grains, ancient grains (also called heritage grains) are delicious in taste and can be added to a variety of meals. Ancient grains and seeds have retained their nutritional value and rich taste in part because they have been relatively untouched by modern plant science. "Grains" such as quinoa, amaranth, teff, spelt and Kamut are called "ancient" because

EN Weekly Blog Giveaway Rules

General Sweepstakes Rules. No purchase necessary. Making a purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations apply. Unless otherwise specified by Evolution Nutrition, these rules cover all contests, sweepstakes and promotions for the brand. These rules may be superseded by separate specific rules for major contests, sweepstakes or promotions conducted by the brand or its sponsors. Eligibility. Unless otherwise specified, contests and sweepstakes offered only to legal U.S. residents 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. Immediate families or members of the same households of such individuals are not eligible. Proof of age, identity and eligibility must be furnished to brand upon request.

To Eat or Not To Eat the Whole Egg

There has been so much information out in recent years about the dangers of eating the “whole egg”. My goodness, we’ve been eating them since the beginning of time and now the egg is most definitely getting a bad rap. Studies have been warning us for some time of elevated cholesterol levels, plus the ever present plaque build-up in the coronary arteries because of the yolk inside the egg. This information has driven people, even grown men to limit or halt all together the eating of the egg or now just consuming the egg white! Egg white omelets are an option at any heart-healthy restaurant and you can now go into any McDonalds and order an Egg White Delight McMuffin—now don’t even get me started! More research to the rescue: There’s now new studies that may have many going back to the good old days of whole eggs with bacon in the mornings for breakfast. The latest studies have found

How to be the agile personal trainer

About three weeks after a new iPhone comes out, anticipation begins building for the next model, until eventually it happens all over again. This is the pace of business now, competition is heightened and changes come quickly and continuously. This is true not only in technology, but in markets for services such as personal training, where leading-edge providers are blending education, tracking and improved accountability into their offerings – and attracting more clients. We’ve discussed the innovation imperative in previous posts. In this fast-paced market, your clients (especially the ones who are likely to stay clients for a long time) have been conditioned to constantly expect new and better things from you. They are looking to you for expert guidance in every aspect of fitness; mental and nutritional, as well as physical.

How to position yourself as the trusted advisor

Your opportunity is to position yourself as a trusted advisor. In this capacity you tend to retain existing clients longer, and you are more attractive to prospective clients. So how do you earn and maintain that trust as the known fitness expert in your market – a market that is continually evolving with new and innovative products and services?

Why you don’t need a business plan

It used to be essential for every business owner to have a business plan , which would outline your concept, financial requirements and so on. Having a forward-looking strategy is a must for any personal trainer (or any business owner) but is the old-school business plan really necessary any more? Things happen much faster now. By the time you create a comprehensive business plan, it could well be obsolete. Innovation happens overnight, and you have to be prepared to adapt. Whatever size your business, you still need strategic direction, but more than a plan, you need a roadmap to the destination you have in mind, and the flexibility to adjust as you go.

Where is your business now?

First you have to know where you are, right? Any small business can benefit from a SWOT analysis . This is a simple way to determine your competitiveness, and can serve as the foundation for your roadmap. It doesn’t take much time and it’s well worth doing, wherever your business is at right now.